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Your 2021-2022 Committee


HM: Neutered Dog

Tour master: No Dogs Allowed

85% coordinators: Putin’s Poisonous Poodle, Serbian Submissive Hound

Hash disciplinarian: Dino

Minister of Propaganda: K9

Webmaster: Barbara Woodhouse

Hash scribes: MCD/Dogzilla/Short Leash Bitch

Stash: Horny Hound, Moans Like a Bitch, MCD

Party Cell Chairman: K9

Hash Cash: Ain’t Bernard

Master of Vice: Suck My Cock, Dog

Hare Raiser: Neutered Dog


Doin' it Doggy Style since 2009

DOGS RUN# 603 Nov 18, 2021

K9 DOGSHashSH 今天

Hare – Dogosaurus


A: Exit 7, Metro Line 1/7                                 Changshu Road Station, Yulixiang

(New location) Follow                                     marks to Restaurant 100m)


B: Circle and restaurant(Hunan Cuisine) to be posted after run/walk start


A live run of a reasonable distance.


Meet at 6:45pm for 7:00pm departure


Cost ¥100 to include run/walk, circle beer and dinner.  30 if you circle only.  Patch is RMB20.  T shirt is 60.


Receding Hareline

Run 604 (Thanksgiving) Short Leash Bitch







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