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EMAIL: info@dogsh3.com

The DOGS run every Thursday at 7pm from somewhere in Shanghai. Check the receding hareline below for details


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Rage in the Cage

After some deliberation this week on who would answer the DOGS call to hare, ol' reliable Long Leash Bitch finally stepped up to the plate.  The meeting spot and venue is the Cages Sports Bar in Jing'an.  As a sports bar, it's perfect spot for the hash especially as the world gears up for the Super Bowl next month. We'll have a great chance to enter into football discussion and debate, including questions like:  Why are the New England Patriots so dominant over every other team?  Why is Tom Brady so great?  How many years will Tom Brady still play?  Why can't anyone else in the NFL come close to the New England Patriots and Tom Brady?  Why do the Redskins suck so bad?  Etc.  (Related topics like, why are the Red Sox so awesome are also permitted.)  Anyway, this will be a great hash led by the DOGS closest approximation of future Hall of Famer, Tom Brady.  Don't miss it!


Run: 455

Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019 @ 7:00 p.m.

Hare: Long Leash Brady, er, Bitch

Venue: Cages Bar and Sports, 428 Jiangning Road, 3rd Floor, at corner with Wuding Road.

Metro: 15 minute walk from either Nanjing West Road (Lines 2, 12, and 13) or Hanzhong Road (lines 1, 12, 13).  Take yer pick


Your 2018/19 Committee

Hash Master: Three Dogs Sucking

Master of Vice: Neutered Dog

Religious Advisor: Poodle Pubes

Hash Cash: Rabid Puppy Love

Hare Razor: Rabid Puppy Love

Strash: Tranny Bitch

Webmaster: Dogzilla

Tour Master: Dogshit

Hash Designer: Dingo



Run 456 - 24 Jan 2019 - Pig Dog

Run 457 - 31 Jan 2019 - Tranny Bitch

Run 458 - 07 Feb 2019 - FAMILY DAY (Hare Needed)

Run 459 - 14 Feb 2019 - Hare Needed

Run 460 - 21 Feb 2019 - Three Dogs Sucking

Run 461 - 28 Feb 2019 - Hare Needed



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