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YAHOO GROUPS: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dogsh3/info

EMAIL: kevinwan@hotmail.com 

Wechat: wangwei3322 (need to write new DOGS member)

The DOGS run every Thursday at 7pm from somewhere in Shanghai. Check the receding hareline below for details



Run #481 (July 19) "Up the Creek without a Paddle Run“

hared by Del Boy Dog Thursday 18th July.

A: Natural History Museum Line 13 Exit One 7pm

B: Patio2, 716 Jiangning Road

Meet at 7pm


Subway Map

Your 2018/19 Committee

Hash Master: Three Dogs Sucking

Master of Vice: Neutered Dog

Religious Advisor: Poodle Pubes

Hash Cash: Rabid Puppy Love

Hare Razor: Rabid Puppy Love

Strash: Tranny Bitch

Webmaster: K-9

Tour Master: Dogshit

Hash Designer: Dingo



Run 481 July 18 Del Boy Dog
Run 482 July 25 Pig Dog
Run 483 August 1 K9
Run 484 Aug 8 Ain't Bernard
Run 485 Aug 15 Dog with No Name


--> Mark your Calendars <--

DOGS 10th Year Anniversary + DOGS 500th

05 September 2019, with Friday & Saturday special events

Organizer: Dino

Doin' it Doggy Style since 2009

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