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YAHOO GROUPS: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/dogsh3/info

EMAIL: kevinwan@hotmail.com 

Wechat: wangwei3322 (need to write new DOGS member)

Subway Map

 DOGS 2020/2021 Committee
HM - No Dogs Allowed
Master of Vice - Spot
Hare Raiser - Chihuahua Dick
Purveyor of 85% - RPL
Tour Master - Corgi Sperm
WebMaster - K9
Stash - Dogzilla & Whore door dog
Cash - K9
Visiting RA Emeritus - Dog Shit
Overseas Envoy: Lame Dane.

Doin' it Doggy Style since 2009

Thursday, April 15: DOGS Run #572

K9 DOGSHashSH 今天

Hare – Pig Dog


Trail - A to B, of moderate length. Bag drop available.


Meeting Point A – Jiashan Road Metro Exit 6 (Line 9/12). 


B is located at the end of trail.  


Bash will not disappoint.  85% possibilities exist. ON ON.


Meet at 6:45pm for 7:00pm departure


Cost ¥100 to include run/walk, circle beer and dinner.  30 if you circle only. 


Receding Hareline

Run 573 April 22 MCD

Run 574 April 29 Suck my cock, bitch

Run 575 May 6 Dogasaurs

Run 576 May 13 Tranny Bitch

Run 577 May 20 Spot

Run 578 May 27 Chihuahua Dick

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