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Your 2019/20 Committee


Hash Master - Pig Dog
Master of Vice - Neutered Dog
Visiting RA Emeritus - Dog Shit
Tour Master - No Dogs Allowed and Long Leash Bitch
Hash Cash - RPL and Dino
Hare Razor - RPL
Hash Stash - Del Boy Dog
Webmaster - K9
Minister without Portfolio - Tranny Bitch

Doin' it Doggy Style since 2009



Run 519 April 9 (Easter April 12) Pig Dog

Run 520 April 16 Tranny Bitch

Run 521 April 23 MCD

Run 522 April 30 Del Boy

Run 523 May 7 (Labor Day May 1-3) Corgisperm

Run 524 May 14 Whore Door Dog

Run 525 May 21 hare needed

Run 526 May 28 LLB

DOGS RUN #518 (April 2)


A: Songyuan Road MRT (Line 10, Exit 2). 

B: Dongbeiren Restaurant, 46 Panyu Road (near Yan'an Road W) Tel 52302230

Now it is almost war time.  In war time, there is no bag service.  If you received military training before, you shoud be accustomed to carry 20kg bag for 20kms at least.  This is a Bring Your Own Bagguage (BYOB) run.  Most probably you cannot see the hare at A.  You just start run at 7pm sharp following the chalk.

Hare: K9

Time: 6:45pm for 7pm departure

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