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EMAIL: info@dogsh3.com

The DOGS run every Thursday at 7pm from somewhere in Shanghai. Check the receding hareline below for details


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Dingo Down Under

It seems Dingo has run out of videos and photos to post in the DOGS WeChat group and has decided to hare this week.  That said, you can take the Australian out of Oz, but not the Oz out of an Australian, so naturally the hash venue is a place called "Kangaroo Bar".  Just don't let on that you have a birth certificate, or they won't let you in.  That said, it should be a great hash with plenty of cold beer.  (Dingo promises no Fosters.)  Don't miss it!


Run: 443

Date: Thursday, October 18, 2018 @ 7:00 p.m.

Hare: Dingo

Venue: Kangaroo Bar, 35 Yongjia Rd near Maoming South Road // 袋鼠酒吧、永嘉路35号(近茂名南路)

Metro: Shaanxi South Road Station; Lines 1, 10 and 12; Exit 6.  Walk 12 min (800 m).  South on Shaanxi South Road and then left on Yongjia Rd.  Bar on right.


Your 2018/19 Committee

Hash Master: Three Dogs Sucking

Master of Vice: Neutered Dog

Religious Advisor: Poodle Pubes

Hash Cash: Rabid Puppy Love

Hare Razor: Rabid Puppy Love

Strash: Tranny Bitch

Webmaster: Dogzilla

Tour Master: Dogshit

Hash Designer: Dingo



Run 444 - 25 Oct 2018 - Male Chauvinist Dog

Run 445 - 1 Nov 2018 - Dogshit [FAMILY RUN]

Run 446 - 8 Nov 2018 - Tranny Bitch

Run 447 - 15 Nov 2018 - Dino

Run 448 - 22 Nov 2018 - Spot fea. Rabid Puppy Love

Run 449 - 29 Nov 2018 - Neutered Dog

Run 450 - 06 Dec 2018 - K9

Run 451 - 13 Dec 2018 - No Dogs Allowed

Run 452 - 20 Dec 2018 - Three Dogs Sucking

Run 453 - 27 Dec 2018 - Rabid Puppy Love




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